Top 10 MNC’s Companyes In India 2018

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Multinational Companies in short everyone stays aware of MNC’s in India. Every student or educated person dream to work with MNC’s it gives the platform to approach goals and aims.Also its a place where you get experience credibility and confidence to move ahead in career.

  1. Apple Inc:

The last in our list of top Multinational Companies in India in Apple Inc which was footbed in 1976 and currently sells laptops software and various online serivces apple inc was founded in the 1976 in an american multinational compnay.



HP has also made its way into the list of MNC’s in India with its products ranging from laptops monitors desktops and other electronic items. HP was started off in the year 1939 and has it headquartered in palo alto, california. Having the biggest revenue US$ 111.454 billion.



Sony is yet another well known Japanese muktinational compnay which came into existence in the year 1946. Sony corporation began its operations in the indian market in the year 1994 and is well acclaimed for its products in various categories: electroinc media and entertainment.



Next one or list of MNCs in india is the citi group founded in 1998 and is an american banking serivces corp. It operates in india through the subsidiary citibank which presently has more than 40 branches in over 30 cities in india.


Pepsico makes its ways into the list of MNCs in india as a well known manufacturner of snacks as well as beverges. It is an american company and was found in 1965. Pepsico operates in india through its subsidiary, pepsico india holding Private Limited and is a leading manufacturer of popular brands such as lays pepsi, slice. etc.


Coca-Cola is yet another widely acclaimed MNC in India that comes in the list of top best MNC in India. Coco-cola, the marketer of non-alcoholic beverage founded in 1886 by Asa Griggs Candler and started operation in India in 1993. Corporate office of Coco-cola is in Atlanta, Georgia and having the revenue US$ 45.998 billion. The company operated in India as a subsidiary of Coca-Cola India Private Ltd.


Procter & Gamble (popularly known as P&G) is a worldwide developer MNC and was started by William Procter and James Gamble in 1837. P& G Indian is a part of Procter and Gamble. The MNC made its ways into India in 1964 and currently has products such aa Olay, Gillette, Vicks, Tide etc. It has a wide range of products in the segment of beauty and grooming, health and household care.


Next is the Nestle on the list of MNCs in India. Nestle India is again a part of Nestle S.A which is a food and beverage company from Switzerland. Nestle had made its entry into the market in 1912 with improved products and is currently one of lead MNCs in India. It is considered as one of the largest food company in India with their best food products. And also comes with the rank 72 on the Fortune Global 500 in 2014 according to the revenue.

8. IBM:

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is the second MNC in our list of multinational companies in India with its headquarters in Bangalore (IBM India private Ltd). It started in India in the year 1992 and has to its credits a range of products and services including business consulting, storage solutions, etc.


Microsoft Corporation India is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation which as we all know is an American multinational, started in the year 1975. With its headquarters in Hyderabad, Microsoft Corporation India has begun its operations in 1990 and ever since has worked closely with Government of India as well as the IT firms. It is indeed one of the most popular in the list of MNCs in India.

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